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Monday, November 22, 2010

share gmbo...

dinner smlm...hahah....juz tunjuk air jek..

my new style...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

***nothing update***

sometimes pretend to b epy,
talking alot n laughing out loud
so nobody
would know what's really inside.
but the end of d day,
i alwix find maself
all alone,
encountering the crucial truth dat i'm 2 broken inside
dat not
even a million laughter can take it away

Sunday, November 14, 2010

13-14.11.2010 ( Tanjung Balau )

uhuk...its been a long tyme i didnt renew my blog ..
so ready to write about topic 2day.
actually not 2day l
but ...aiyooo

lets me to upload photo 1st yar..
si dea
atok & intan
ny jagung ..hahaha....
ad byk lagi la gmbo...
mls lak nk upload g da...
g pown..internet i slow lol..
xpe la
next tyme k...


Sunday, November 7, 2010


ari ni cam bese je...
ari ni sunday...
so?mesti kua la bjln2..
p mne?
(bazar kota) lorh...

ari ni frust gk...pening psl duit..
..xtaw nk cite pe da...
so upload gmbo la erk...tunggu jp..
jeng jeng jeng jeng!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

after n be4

this is b4 this is after..
hodoh kan...
sbb 2 la i malu klo x make up..
wahh this is 1st time i upload gmbo hodoh ny...

Friday, November 5, 2010

' sofa '

yeah !
2day i went to furniture shop to find my SOFA !
finally i found it this sofa pattern !
its quite nice ..
its a L shape..
nice right ! i think so !

so excited! ..!
really !
i was like a parent who's doing this for our children n live in a comfortable house wit d full of happiness n love !!
u cant imagine HOW WAS DAT !
ITS imazing !

finally bought it edy..
cos its d most important thing in my house's hall.

NOW is d time for saving wiring's money k !
alot of things haven completed yet!.
be patient yar pauline !
u can do it !...
u r a brave girl..
I KNOW THAT 'u' r strong..
never give up k ..( an advice for myself )

after settle all payment..
the next step is gonna buying a set of bedroom set yar..
Dont u think that im over epy > really epy2...n over now.. haha

Yesterday (4.11.2010)went to ECONSAVE.. Suddenly i felt that KOTA is quite damn bored ..
such a long time didnt go johor edy..
not enough budget la..
long time didnt go cinema n shopping edy..
i miss lol..
DAMN ! (Xd5)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


ari ni i da beli cat...
tp just some section only..
yg penting bilik cat dlu..
bilik kne siap dlu..
bwu perlahan2..
tol la kan...
kne simpan duit lagi utk beli tikar getah..
tats y kne maintain cket la..
so beli cat 4 tin dlu..
pas2 beli tikah gth..klo x...hbs duit beli cat..
tempat tido nk kt mne kan...

uma bkn beso sampai mne pown..
tp alhamdullillah lah..
sbb dpt sebuah uma..
kire da ok la 2..
ad tempat tinggal..
maybe i da kire mude sgt kowt tok beli uma ny..
terpakse la..
klo x still i stay wit my family lo..

xpi ..hurm
xmo pk la byk2 iyer..
relax uda...
tgk la mse dpn..
ad rezeki..
pon kne simpan duit2 gk..
mse dpn jao g..
so kite kne hargai cket k !

oh yup.! klo kowg nk cr cat...tnyer la i..
i ad murah pnyer tp kualiti ok pnyer taw...!
tlg kwn2 pomot cket...