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Friday, January 14, 2011

To : xxxxx xxx

Finally, I finally take my darkest moment, I will not forget the past, no dark days. .
bcos now im free,
I will not bear grudges, the past was the best moment of the moment,
a chance to understand ourselves. .
I want to thank you. . u make me to c myself. .
I will always love u, miss u until I went away at that moment.
We hope that the afterlife will be together, never apart.
I am very sad. . .
u hear me? u see it? I miss our past. .
I really want to go back. .
Re coming with u. .
u've got my heart. .
Always belong to u. .
No second person can ever replace u..
I will always protect you. .
now when we are separated. .
Reunion and the completion of the afterlife we had owe in this life k?

i cant give u any promise now..
My heart is belong to u...
can u forgive me?

shall we be friend?
its quite difficult...

have u ever said to me.
u should alwiz protect me
until we'r 27 y/o..
n we will get married..
do U remember that?

wen this love is no longer meaningful
the sorrow i feel now is,
is the past abandoned love..
rite b4,ur sweet promise faded..
till u gone,
leave me alone here...
ur love were piercing on my heart..
wen u're gone..
its a terrible nightmare..
at least,
we have in hand b4,

4rm d bottom of my heart,
ter juz a thing or 2 i'd ike u 2 know,
u were my 1st love,
u were my real love,
u were my true love,
4rm d 1st kisses 2 d very last rose.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


hubby ku

the new of me !