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Thursday, October 27, 2011

JJ LIN(林俊杰) 她说 (she says)



JJ Lin 林俊傑 - 我很想愛他 (CD Version)

天空 下起雨了
他撐的傘 在你身邊陪著
可是 我不快樂
因為看見 他臉上的笑 是很勉強的

我很想愛他 但是眼睛在說謊
隱瞞比較容易吧 免得感情變的複雜
我很想愛他 但是理智在吵架
退出可能解圍嗎 誰能給我一個好的回答

如果 再捨不得
這樣下去 我們每個人都是受害者

我很想愛他 但是眼睛在說謊
隱瞞比較容易吧 免得感情變的複雜
我很想愛他 但是理智在吵架
退出可能解圍嗎 誰能給我一個好的回答


我很想愛他 但是眼睛在說謊
隱瞞比較容易吧 免得感情變的複雜
我很想愛他 但是理智在吵架
退出可能解圍嗎 誰能給我一個好的回答


不爱也是一种爱 周惠 MV

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Monday, October 24, 2011

QUIT SAYING u love me

Friday, October 21, 2011

a relationship

Women do not know y our men is so care about our ex- boyfriend?

coz they know, not they r not confident, but they r afraid dat one day you will leave him forever.

neva see dat how much  I love u, cos I only love u when it isinvisible 2 u; Also, u cannot see my most lonely, cos only when u see me, n i was the most lonely one.

coz im a girl i get told 2 neva accept a drink 4rom anyone. 2 always immediately lock my car doors n windows. 
2 neva walk alone at nite. 2 neva go 2 d pool by myself. etc etc etc.. 

im a girl. i deal with all the crap guys dont have 2. 

so guys pls try looking through girl’s point-of-view 4 once.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sometime i was thinking,should i giving up or else?many question is surrounding me.
1- i could find a better one who r same wealth,riches
property like my family position.
2- y should m d 1 who have to long-suffering n tolerant to urs?my family or other wont be like urs!
3- im not malay but im chinese ok?
4- if urs keep saying that im like a child?childish?how bout u all?fuck off just all d same thing.!
5- i just know dat im more riches,more discipline but im not like a rude gal as urs xxxxxx.. wtf? if u want busybody?
im so sick of this situation in  his family now..sometimes my granny will repeat n repeat asking d same thing..''ah girl, don't u think so grievance myself to them?n need to obey them? n now,im started frusting it now..n DON'T think dat u r talking behind me in ur family then u will be proud?just quite shame for my family only..cos u r loser,u r not kind of a rich family,agak2 la( mandarin meaning ).
I will always be my,im just a normal gal,heading a normal life.but im more discipline,n a girl who has her own principle,who has a mind of her own,im still follow my own distinct character!!

and dont so kepohchi la..add my facebook n keep spying me about my status?hehehe...
n im not asking a bowl of rice with urs?wtf? what u want to post...just post wont mind also la fuckers..oops...

i just know...i wont go or wateva la if got drag in with urs,i just be myself..dont meet,dont talk,dont ever want to ok with me in now..i don want living in malay style.

hey galz....nah fuck u back..,.!do u understand it wat im writing about??

Thursday, October 6, 2011


so pening..beb!
pe la.mne music i p ek..
bosan siot klo da cm ni!!.

rse pnt nyer 1 ari jlnkan 2 kje..
tp nk cmne kan..
tp 2 la..sampai kol 1 mlm..adooiii!!!