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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I mis U

Suddenly i think bout him...haizzz..already 3 years ago..y i cant forget him in ma life?if not,include dis year..we're 2gether about 7 years edy..its so happiness if i being wit him now..m i rite?..but..lost him so fast ..first sight 1st love..n d end of my life..even now im wit ma popoeye..but i cant feel tat kind of strong love..not like last time..maybe we just a pair of kid..puppy love?i don no how to precious it..everything should b gone past..n let it be..but i cant..i cant leave it like dat..its unfair to me n so sad..cos i really love him like d hell..but i lost him suddenly..i noe he love me too..but our feeling were not strong like be4..he loves me tats y he leave me alone ..i noe he hate me too much..too deep..i noe the feeling ..cos just like i hate ma family too..if not them..i think we still epy right now..y got treat me like just mis him from my heart..T_T